Saturday, December 08, 2007

Local Hero

0712 Local Hero
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I'm not sure when this came out on DVD - I haven't seen it before. It's been on my acquisitions list forever - one of those films which you know you'd like to have on DVD and you aren't necessarily actively hunting, it's just there in the back of your mind as a oneday findit. Watched it again last night, and it's still such a gem. Quietly witty, wonderfully acted, quirky and fun. If it's a while since you've seen it, then do yourself a favour and rent or buy it (J&B HiFi in Sydney had it for under $7).

Local Hero, Hamish Macbeth and SeaChange - what is it about little seaside towns that inspires such wonderful quirky comedies? And they're not fluff either, for all the fun they have.

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sionwyn said...

oh, I love that movie. It's on my "back of the mind keeping an eye out" list too. I've worn out two copies of the soundtrack heh.