Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter M

Scatterday Mosaic Letter M
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This week's categories are Texture, Weapon and Hobby.

In the supermarket yesterday, the Metal trays for Christmas turkeys had a photographable texture (although would you put a heavy turkey in one of these? I'd be doubtful of their strength for anything bigger than a chook...).

I couldn't decide if the Moisturisers are about Texture, or Weapon (against ageing...) or both. ummmmmm......both!

Mockery is a Weapon, thus the books (Leunig, Borat, the New Yorker and more), and Merriment is also a Weapon (with a Christmas decoration saying Merry Christmas).

Miniatures are a Hobby (I bought the needlepoint cushion at a miniatures fair, the tiny work on it is eyestrainingly amazing.). Maybe this summer I'll more done on this house, although the journey is part of the fun and it will probably never be finished... a characteristic of most hobbies.

And the DVDs are back. Movies with Weapons! - Munich, Master and Commander, Memphis Belle. (Pennie's got her babushkas, I've got those useful DVDs....).

Next week's Scatterday categories: Blue Things, Dangerous Things and things In My Neighbourhood that start with the letter K.


Pennie & David said...

I love the way you are interrupting Scatterdays Ruth, it's good medicine for the brain it is indeed!

Dy said...

Great ideas as always Ruth, and I love your photo of the trays!

Michelle Watters said...

I am liking the way you think. Can't wait to see what you do with K?

Di said...

Devilishly clever weapons, Ruth. Love your work!

Nola said...

Fun photos ! I like your weapons...