Saturday, December 01, 2007

Creating Christmas

0612 favourites mosaic
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Last year I made up this mosaic of favourite photographs from the year. Today, amid Christmas lists and letters and cards, I've been working out which pictures to include from 2007.

With the Flickrtoys Mosaic Maker, the easiest way to make one of these is to put your favourites into a new set in Flickr, then just put in the set's URL for the mosaic. Saves picking 24 separate photos...just organise them in the set in the order in which you want them to be in the mosaic.

I made this 4 columns x 6 rows, but be warned: if you get it printed at a standard commercial place, it may not exactly fit 4in x 6in printing (as I found last year) - you might find the edges shaved a tad.

Still, I put this into Christmas cards (pasted into the inside cover) as a window into 2006.

Now where did I put the soft little cone trees I made earlier this year?? They were inspired by this blog post... and see more pictures from Flickr here and here.

For a different sort of small cone tree, The Small Object has a pattern and pictures here and a fabric garland tutorial here.

How about making your own advent calendar? There's a pdf pattern here from SewMamaSew or check out Ali's boxes here and here.

SewMamaSew has a bunch of pictures and links for handmade gifts here, including a Wellness Bag.

Tomorrow we'll have to get out the big green tree and decorations - and switch on the fairy lights outside (cue annual puzzlement with that timer widget). It's only a modest display around the verandah, but it's a neighbourhood greeting all the same.

It's beginning....

For a Cath Kidston-inspired/red and sky blue and white Christmas decorating (just so fresh and clear, and a fun upside-down tree), check out the pictures on Happy Loves Rosie.

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Fran said...

Thanks for the Tutorial on how to make big Mosaics, I thought there had to be a faster way!