Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter D (part 2)

...better late than.....

Devotion to Scatterday for Letter D led me to Dubbo, in central western NSW. Thus we have: for Touchy-feely, Double Delight roses (from the beautiful Cowra Rose Garden) and The Dish (radio telescope near Parkes), which is all about stuff in the air around. Or something. Besides, it was a special stop to get the photo, and it's a D, so it's here.
For Sewing, the Dubbo quilt shop, a Diamonds quilt in the Dubbo Museum and, also from there, the Dubbo Clairvoyant Fruiterer's embroidery. Is this the first clairvoyant fruiterer to feature in Scatterday?

For Vehicles, Dubbo's World Champion cyclist and three views of a Dray from Dubbo.

Done and dusted. Next Scatterday is letter S and the categories are Medical, Beverages and Christmas.

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