Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scatterday Mosaic Letter D (part 1)

Presented for your Scatterday Delectation this Day (a tad Delayed, and one of a Double-header, the second part of which will arrive later this week, for reasons which will then become clear)...

Letter D, categories Touchy-Feely, Sewing, Vehicles.

D is for Discoveries, like this bird's nest I've been watching this week, although the Touchy-Feely is observed through the camera rather than actual touching - look at those feathers....

D is for Digital camera, an essential Sewing tool for me now.

D is for Draughts (or Checkers, in US terminology, but a) I'm not American and b) it doesn't start with D), which proved itself a Vehicle of both Humiliation and Elation today. I got thoroughly done by a nine year old and then a seven year old - this is the moment before the nine year old's Victory Move (I was black and whatever I did, I was a goner!).

D is also for Dairy Milk Duo, a second entry under Touchy-Feely, the mouthfeel of chocolate (melting as it does) being legendary.

Next week the categories are Medical, Beverages and Christmas and the Letter is S.


Dy said...

Have you found out what variety of bird your little half fledged fellow is? He's very cute, in a grumpy sort of way. :-)

Dairy Milk Chocolate - of course - what a good choice - that velvety goo is quite something isn't it!

Lindi said...

Ooh, well done. Draughts and dairy milk chocolate...great combination. Maybe you should play me. I always lose!

DoubleL said...

Ruth I vote your Touchy-Feely D the worlds best - A true chocolate person you are