Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bacon and egg pie and salad

0802 bacon and egg pie and salad
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Trust me, it was all as good as it looks.

Some days you just need to run away. So today I headed up the Blue Mountains to Katoomba and Leura, to browse in bookshops and old wares shops, have this lunch in my favourite cafe (Loaves and the Dishes in Leura - and believe me, between Leura and Katoomba you have, oh, a zillion choices of cafe) (not that I'd claim to have tried them all - but this one is reliably good) and breathe some new air.

Came back refreshed, with a couple of treasures (including Reece's Peanut Butter Cups from the specialist sweetshop for a dear American friend, something else from somewhere else for my mother's birthday, she reads this blog sometimes so I shall say no more) but mostly it was about a change of scene and air after long long days at work and another busy week ahead.

Cupcakes have made their new-style way to the mountains - found a lovely little sliver of a shop in Katoomba Street, Cupid's Cupcakes (they had little and big ones and they were yummy, cake AND icing).

Poked around in the astonishing junk shop where I've had a few finds in the past (nothing today, but you can't expect to find something every time), but I did find a couple of vintage photos for friends (including one who needs cheering up, I hope I've chosen well) in another old wares shop.

Today was for fun. Tomorrow, the inevitable payback - housework. Sigh.

I will do a mosaic of Katoomba images, but for now my internet's veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slow, so maybe not tonight.

Hope you're enjoying your weekends too.

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