Thursday, February 14, 2008


0712 Cowra rose mosaic
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

And a happy day to all of you readers of this blog today, whether you get overwhelmed with Valentinia (is that a word?) or not. Because you know the people who love you every day of the year, without the need for any commercial prompting.

It's been a busy week. Can you tell? Not even a photo of the desk...

Normal transmission should resume on or by the weekend, along with a bit of a catchup.

These roses are from Cowra, the beautiful expanse of rose beds outside the tourist info centre there in central western NSW.


Anonymous said...

I went to college in Cowra. The roses there are in deed beautiful. Can't get them as good in Sydney - too humid. Did you go to the Japanese Gardens?

rooruu said...

I've been to the Japanese Gardens some years ago - they were beautiful. It was too late in the day on this visit, but we'll go back again, hopefully some time this year.