Sunday, February 17, 2008

Palette for a quilt

0802 palette
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Sometimes it's good to play outside your usual colours and palettes - I do find that challenges, with their boundaries, open different doors and let you find new ways of working.

So for this, I chose fabrics in a particular palette, and let the quilt evolve from there.

I'm feeling a little detached from it - which is not always the case with challenge quilts. It's not that I don't like it, but it is much more successful right now at engaging my head than my heart. Which is enjoyable, but of a different quality to a quilt that engages the heart.

I've given away a couple of quilts in the last couple of months, and each time it's been good, but not necessarily easy. I've been glad to have done it, and glad to have been able to bestow them upon recipients to whom I wanted to give something special. And glad that they're being used and part of their lives now. Sometimes it's easier after the event than before.

I think I have an idea of who this quilt is for. Maybe. It's something you have to let bubble to the surface, and then you say, aha! and you know. Sometimes I know right away that a quilt is for someone in particular, and it's just as much fun to make - but I know all along that it's not staying. Other times, it needs to bubble to the surface in its own time.

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