Friday, February 08, 2008


This is one panel of the Federation Tapestry in the Melbourne Museum.

The story of Eternity - Arthur Stace's conversion and his subsequent decision to write that single word, which had changed his life, on the streets of Sydney (over half a million times, and anonymously till someone set out to discover the artist's identity) is one of the great stories of Australia. It's found its way into art, and literature, and film, is a bronze set in a quiet corner of Sydney Square, in Martin Sharp's art, and more.

If you google you'll find a bucket of links. It's a story worth knowing. Here's one version.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I saw the documentary at National Library recently.It was a thing of cinematographical (is there such a word) beauty. And educational to boot.

rooruu said...

Ah yes, it's a fabulous documentary. Imaginatively done. A tad reminiscent of the doc/dramatisation approach taken more recently for the Florence Broadhurst film by Gillian Armstrong.