Sunday, February 03, 2008

Brown quilt fabrics

0802 brown quilt fabrics
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I pulled this pile from the stash to work with today, and used some of most of them, along with a little bit of pink and red for spice.

One of my Patent Quilt Theories is that it's worthwhile to make sure your quilt colour choices aren't being biased by your clothing colour choices. I don't wear brown much - wore it too much years ago, and only now are a few brown things creeping back into my wardrobe. But in quilts, brown's a great colour.

To give another example of a clothing colour - this one worn by very few people: mustard. Not usually very flattering, but a great colour in quilts, whether zinging with hand-dyes or warm with country prints.

I haven't made much for a while, so it was good to be cutting and sewing and pressing and seeing something come together.

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