Thursday, February 07, 2008

Office clock

0802 office clock
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I decided this recent find was perfect for my office. It reminds me of Tord Boontje style silhouette pieces (such as those I was admiring at the National Gallery of Victoria International (Galactic) shop in January). It's a bit nutty/quirky and a lot amusing. I like having interesting items on my office walls - up high, where they don't interfere with the work of the day, but make their own statement.

I remember seeing a fellow professional's office - she came across as a very proper and capable lady, but the hubcaps punctuating the top of her office walls added to that picture and stopped you working off assumptions. Apparently she'd got in trouble for them, which was a shame - I think they would instead have been a point of conversation/discussion/connection with her clientele. I've had interested enquiries about a couple of my wall items, but haven't experienced that intolerance.

I'm thinking I might paint this pillar, though. Boring beige isn't the most engaging colour on the paint chart...

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