Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kiva: Shamshad Iqbal

I am 27-year-old married woman with three girls, aged 4, 2, and six months. As they are small they do not attend school currently, but will surely go to school in future. I run a boutique from my house, and my husband transports goods on a bull cart. My boutique does well, and with the profits I bought a television for my house. I would use this loan to expand my boutique and produce a greater variety of embroidered clothes. This is a group loan. Shahnaz Bibi would use the loan to expland her husband's vegetable business. Faizan Mai wants to buy a cow. Mukhtar Bibi sells milk from her house. Haseena Bibi’s husband sells vegetables in the city vegetable market.
All of us have been friends for a long time and work hard to earn a decent livelihood for our families.

Embroidered clothes. Aaah, a fellow textilian. Through the brilliant Kiva, I'm one of those lending to this group. Want to play? Microcredit's fun, and when the money comes back, I can lend it out to another entrepreneur. Why not add to this loan to Shamshad Iqbal?

I was thinking of going to the flicks today. When you add up the ticket at the multiplex, and a bite of lunch, and a drink, you're close enough to the basic $25US Kiva loan. What the heck - the film will come to my lovely local cinema in a few weeks, and I can see it then. For now, the money's on its way to Pakistan. Cool.

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