Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Berries, which become a rant

0805 autumn berries
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Still playing with the zoom and macro settings on my little camera. A brighter version of autumn than the browns I've been photographing - almost Christmassy, although the only Christmassy thing around now is the thinking for Christmas projects, as the deadlines for them are closing in....

There are now three films I'm looking forward to seeing, all of them either November or December release (sigh):

* Australia
* Twilight
* The Time Traveler's Wife

In the meantime, our screens will be too darn full of other sound and noise, signifying nothing, or movies targeted at 14yo boys (those of us who aren't 14yo boys don't go to the cinema when there's nothing we want to SEE, don't the film makers and distributors get it??? Films like The Jane Austen Book Club, or 27 Dresses are nowhere near as charming as Sleepless in Seattle, although I saw a recent article lump 'em together as 'chick flicks'. Maybe so, but on a long continuum.). I'm very happy for the 14yo boys, I guess, but why can't they make films I do want to see? Not just decent escapist chick flicks, but quality stuff that travels a good journey. I look up what's on at the local multiplex, and there's nothing I'm remotely interested in seeing. My local cinema does its best, but even though they have better taste, they're hamstrung by lack of good stuff to show. Seems like too long since I had a good evening at the cinema.

Now how on earth did I arrive at that rant, starting with some berries? Dunno.


candyschultz said...

Wow I didn't know they were making a film of The Time Traveler's Wife. That is worth waiting for.

candyschultz said...

As for a good film, if you have not seen Death at a Funeral, it is hilarious. I have rented it three times and then finally bought it. It is very British. Not deep or anything but hysterical.

rooruu said...

Well, Candy, they're making us wait for TTW film - now postponed release until December. Sigh.

While I respect your opinion of Death at a Funeral, I have to admit I hated it. Completely unfunny, to me, although the others in the cinema clearly did enjoy it. To each their own!