Thursday, May 15, 2008


There's something beautiful about this - the buttery yellows, the darker background, the imperfections, the classic leaf shape, the caught moment. If there were enough of the yellow leaves, you can imagine Andy Goldsworthy having so many choices of how to have a rather wonderful time.

Went to a work conference today, and ate a catered lunch. When the place was able to produce and elegantly simple salad of undressed leaves (?baby spinach) with slivers of good parmesan, and another salad of Greekish style, also good; and a third salad which I can't remember, except it was good too...and a classy antipasto plate, and so on; why can't they manage an unmashable lasagne? You shouldn't be able to eat lasagne with a blunt spoon. Haven't they heard of al dente? I wouldn't have noticed, except they did other dishes at a decent standard.

Conference was 'lower-tech' in presentation than some I've been to in the last little while, but full of good, wise, actionable ideas. Which only goes to prove, as I've always believed, that technology isn't everything. It's not nothing, but it isn't everything, either.

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