Saturday, May 03, 2008

Miniature meat safe

0805 miniature meat safe
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At the AMEA Sydney miniatures fair last year, I saw this wonderful woodwork. It stuck in my mind, so when I saw it this year, it came home with me. Apart from the superb craftsmanship, I love that it represents a vintage type of Australian furniture, the meat safe.

Apparently they could have sold it many times over if it hadn't been painted wood. I'm so glad - love the worn aqua paintwork. I won't mention the maker's name, as she does this as a craft, not a business, but she's brilliant. The doors open (the catches are so small!) and the drawer opens. Such fine, exact work.

I knew which doll's house room it was for, and it fits in so well (I'm still completing that room, so I haven't photographed it in situ).

It's only the second time I've been to the Sydney miniatures fair, and just like last year, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the multifarious ways in which people are creating and crafting in this particular arena, on the sale tables and in the exhibition houses and displays. Fascinating. I bought a few pieces, and came home inspired with plans to work on my own ideas/rooms and get them closer to being finished.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I suspect the pie safe I bought a few years ago is by the same maker.

I suspect we passed by each other yet again this year at the show. Pity - it would have been nice to have had a coffee with you :-)

rooruu said...

Actually, I think we did - pirate knitting T shirt, in of course black, you were wearing? You were in a Very Intense conversation with a stall holder, and then I had to head off - didn't want to interrupt. But I'll certainly make a special trip to see your Cabinet of Curiosities doll house exhibition, and hope to meet you then.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yep, that was moi. Was I telling Helen off for pricing her knitting too low?