Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grass jelly

0805 grass soup
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Not from one of those amazingly scented, and usually amazingly crammed Asian groceries, but lurking on a lower shelf in a suburban supermarket - grass jelly. OK, what's grass jelly?

Its main ingredients were starch and water, with grass playing a minor (but presumably fairly significant) role. Can't say I'm especially enticed by wobbly dark greeny-black chunks (maybe that's a serving suggestion), so I didn't buy and therefore didn't try. When I tried Wikipedia, its article described the used of 'aged and slightly fermented' mint leaves and a 'bitter, iodine' flavour. Hmmm. Not enticing.

Still, if it's on the shelf someone's assuming there's a market for it. The tins to the left were Asian-produced tropical fruits in sugar syrup. And although I don't eat it, the majority of the world thinks the Australian affection for Vegemite is considered aberrant food behaviour by most of the rest of the world.

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