Friday, May 02, 2008

The blocks that came back

0805 recycled blocks
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So there I was earlier this year, sorting out the sewing room and among the good things I took to the Crowle Foundation was a set of blocks. I'd made them a while ago, and they hadn't become anything more than blocks, so I sent them off to find a new home.

It was hilarious, after having said farewell to them, to have a friend show me the lovely blocks she'd bought from the Crowle May fair. Very very familiar, they were...

It's win win win. I've decluttered, Crowle's made some money and my friend is happy with her purchase. It's all good!

The Crowle Foundation is a charity organisation supporting adults with intellectual disabilities. The foundation has an annual needlecraft fair in May, selling second-hand craft goods, and also shops that are open throughout the year, with good quality second hand books, craft goods and fabrics. Click here (and scroll down) to find out about their fabric cave, book stall and plant nursery. If you're decluttering craft items in good conditions, then it's such a worthwhile cause; and you know they'll sell them as craft goods, not 'rags'.

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