Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yup, I'm playing with the blog header. We've gone from purty roses to vintage kitchen cupboards - not the ones in this house, but I liked the blue and white and little bit of red. And the wear on them. This one will be there for a week or two, then another one will appear. Why leave it the same all the time, I say (having left it the same all the time for months and months...).

Must get the photos off the digital camera. I should have had it at the trivia night last night, the table dressed up as Ghoulies had gone to a LOT of trouble, including cupcakes with maggots (that would be candy maggots, I hasten to add as you recoil) and icing in sinister purple and ominous green. They came equal first with our table, the good cause for which the trivia night was being held made a decent profit, and it was a cheerful evening all round. One of the most amusing questions/answers was a loquacious and circumlocutory quote which we attributed to Gough Whitlam, and which turned out to be the work of Kevin Rudd. Hmm. Not sure which of them would be more disturbed by our misattribution. (note for those overseas: you'll find 'em in Wikipedia, but the short version is EGW=Labor Party Prime Minister in the early 1970s, and KR=current Labor Party Prime Minister).

Petrol's now over $1.50/litre, some places with it over $1.60 litre. I needed some border fabric for a quilt yesterday and was very happy to find something just right at the shop 10km away rather than having to pursue an obscure fabric to a shop which is a 90km round trip. I'd used the obscure fabric elsewhere in the quilt and it was a range on which most shops had passed (but it's NICE you hear me whine; but it's not the common taste, you hear the shops reply. Story of my life).

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