Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Breaking Dawn: Twilight book 4

Gee, it's hard to know where to start.

Will two words do?

Train wreck.

Ye gods! - this book had me not knowing WHAT to think. I enjoyed the first three - blogged about them a little while ago, and was looking forward to seeing what she did with the fourth to resolve some of the intriguing loose ends from the earlier books.

Sheesh. If you still want to read it, borrow, don't buy...


The feathers thing???Broken pelvises that seem to mean little? A mutant baby whose name is a ghastly mashup of its sorta grandmas'? and recalls one of the world's most famous monsters? The hero offering his rival the opportunity to 'make puppies' with the heroine as it will be less dangerous to her health? What the?? A cottage in the woods that was so icky-twee I nearly had a hypo? A huge battle that wasn't? Andtheyalllivedhappilyeverafter, including a plan B for the rival which was squicky at best???

Ah well. It's a shame. What was Stephenie Meyer thinking?

The consolation?

Read this forum from, and this one. They're snort-Diet-Coke-up-your-nose hilarious.

I'm boggled as how they might, if they will, make a film of the more startling events in Breaking Dawn. I'm looking forward to seeing the first film (due in Australia in January 09 at present, Dec 08 in the US) and I'm sure they'll punt on more if it's a success. Maybe the fourth will get major rewriting to something more consistent and um, better?

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