Thursday, August 21, 2008

A question or two

In trawling through Flickr, someone has come across one of my photos. They've written to ask if they can use it in a tourist guide, and if so what name they should write for the credit.

On the one hand, flattering. On the other, I wonder how many commercial organisations are using Flickr as a free source of stock photography, relying on the flattering effect of such requests to avoid any reimbursement (like they'd have to pay for stock photography). There would appear to be commercial gain for them in their guide. Nor have they specified print/online/other multiple use possibilities.

What do you think? Would you say yes, if someone approached you about an original photo of yours like this?


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I say yes and, in fact, changed all my FLICKR pictures to Creative Commons (Attribution-No Derivative Works)a couple of months ago...

Outbackgirl said...

I think I would say yes, if I could be guaranteed that my name and other details I wanted could be "watermarked" into the picture. as I see some people do. However the problem would be once you say yes to one person, would you say yes to all requests? A tricky question is raised, once you get over the excitment of recognition and feeling "chuffed".
I love reading your blog - keep up the great work.

roentarre said...

But when we submitted images to flickr, our image rights are omitted