Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Gabaldon shelf

0808 The Gabaldon shelf.
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I've been going through a delightful revisiting of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series this year. It's partly reading/print, though I've still a couple of books to go (I read other things in between) and partly due to audiobooks. I now have most of the unabridged audiobooks as well, and am thoroughly happy with Davina Porter's excellent readings (I experienced a little disquiet at first, but now am perfectly content). The books, as you can see, are thick, and the audiobooks therefore long. Hearing the audio is sending me back to the books, rereading sections I've heard, reading ahead to upcoming sections.

Gabaldon's created such a rich and engaging world - twisting plots, wonderful characters. I know I've hooked several others onto her writing, and they've mostly gone on to have Gabaldon shelves of their own.

As you might see from the book on the left, I mainly have the paperbacks, as that's all that's available in Australian bookshops. The first of any new title in the series here is the large format paperback, followed by the standard size. So since I expect to be rereading these for many more years, I'm gradually acquiring the (more durable) hardbacks from the US.

If you haven't read them (the first book is Outlander, unless you're in the UK or Australia, in which case it's called Cross Stitch) then do.


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Janellybelly said...

I totally agree with everything you said! I have a photo of my books as my avatar on my blogger profile :)
Happy reading
Janelle xx