Monday, September 01, 2008

Reading (well, listening)

This isn't on the Gabaldon shelf because it's in transit, the current car audiobook for commuting and other journeys. It's one of my favourite books in the series and I am enjoying experiencing the story again. Listening, I find, can draw my attention to sections I might have skidded through, reading.

It's a whopper, though, like the book - 48CDs. They're that kind of story, lots of threads, good characters, plot twists and turns. I'm not listening to the audiobooks in order, but it's not worrying me much - I'm just enjoying whichever one is the current one.

For some weird reason, I can only find the book before this, The Fiery Cross, direct from Recorded Books for over $100US. All the others (unabridged - I'm not interested in the abridged since I like the stories and want to hear EVERYTHING) are available from or or both. Can't figure that one, but since they are so large and expensive, I'll wait for TFC to turn up at either of the above. If you do know of it being available, do let me know.


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Janellybelly said...

Just waiting for the audio version of Voyager to arrive at the local library - can't wait! I was sobbing at the end on DIA...(again).
Janelle xx