Monday, September 15, 2008


0809 burgundy nasturtium
Originally uploaded by rooruu
I don't mind the orange and yellow ones - nasturtiums are cheerful flowers, and easy to grow. But there's something rather rich about the deep colour of the burgundy ones.

I also rather like, in this photo, that the leaf is chewed. It's not perfect, it's real.


Janellybelly said...

My mum shared her love of nasturtiums with me - DH hates them :)
PS I was packing my magazines for shifting house & came across a photo of you with short hair (& a great quilt pattern too).

rooruu said...

@ janelle: I'm sure your DH has other redeeming qualities!

Ah, the short hair. Gone a while ago (but it's nice to know the patterns are still finding friends!) Good luck with moving house.