Friday, September 05, 2008

Bird on the water

0809 bird on the water
Originally uploaded by rooruu
I've been noticing silhouettes in home decor things recently (did I tell you about the china? No, don't think I did), but here's a snapshot with the messy authenticity of nature as is. Not sure if it's a cormorant? Dunno. But it stayed still long enough for me to fire off the camera. And I like the water, blue to dark and rippled.



wjcsydney said...

looks like a cormorant. little pied or little black. The neck is not snake-like enough to be a darter.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Would that be the Marie Claire crockery on the back page of the latest Myer catalogue which I drooled over until I realised if I tried fitting any more china in my kitchen cupboard it would probably fall off the wall?

rooruu said...

@wjc - thank you for the bird info.

@sherpa - gosh, you're SHARP! (the china means a purge/consolidation of my kitchen cupboards is underway...)

Isabelle said...

Very Japanesey looking. Lovely.