Monday, September 29, 2008


0809 dandelion seed head
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I'm on holidays for a couple of weeks, and at this point it's like this dandelion head - trembling with possibilities, all sorts of directions in which to head. And lovely to have. Today's plan? Lunch with friends in a nice local deli - we booked the window seat so we can watch the world wag by as we talk of cabbages and kings. It's all good.

Don't you get to wish, when you blow on a dandelion head?

Oh, and here's an idea I'm playing with this week , from Ali Edward's blog.  I kinda sorta do it in this blog anyway, but will focus particularly this week.  As long as I don't get distracted...

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Paula said...

Oh - me too. I love Ali's ideas. I blogged about this today as well. Great minds think alike!