Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quilt: Festive Charm

0810 Festive Charm
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Festive Charm is a Christmas  quilt (well, Christmas table runner) I designed for Australian Country Threads magazine. It's in vol. 8 no. 12 and is out now, or any day now. This is the Christmas projects issue.

I picked up a pack of charm squares (Peace on Earth by 3 Sisters for Moda) and that was the basis of this table runner - economical and effective.  And not uber-Christmassy, either, so it's useable throughout the year.  Even more economical.

I blogged about it back here with a scrunched-up photo.

And I'd like to send greetings to Candy , who asked me to put whole images of my designs up when they're published. How about two in a row? That's a start!



candyschultz said...

Do you not get to keep the quilts when you make them for the magazine?

rooruu said...

Yes, you do keep the quilts - but why not share professional photography, instead of, um, washing line photography...?! When they've already done all that lovely styling, too.

Quiltycat said...

Thanks for posting the pic. Tis a bit of tease for me as I will have to wait to be reunited with my mail. AND just yesterday I was looking at my charm pack of that particular range and pondering what to do. C

Janellybelly said...

Hi Ruth
I picked up the magazine from Mum yesterday, I have my charm pack ready & raring to go. I shall post a photo on my blog when it's done - I am telling you this so I won't procrastinate :)
Take Care

rooruu said...

Well, Carmel and Janelle, I'll be looking forward to seeing your versions!