Monday, July 14, 2008

Quilt detail : Christmas

0807 quilt detail
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This is one of the projects I've just finished, a Christmas table runner which will be in the Christmas issue of Australian Country Threads later this year. Used some rather nice Moda fabrics in it, mostly 3 Sisters, although it does seem as though they're repeating colourways and styles they've done before - this is from their Vienna/Wuthering/Chocolat/Peace on Earth strand... Maybe lots of people like 'samesongnextverse', but it's also good to see new ideas. Their Paris map fabric from Paris Flea Market is still one of my favourites (I only have a leetle leetle left....)


Quiltycat said...

I agree. The one good thing is that you use several ranges together getting some variance in value/tone but a similar overall atmosphere.
My all time favourite of theirs is the Seaside collection. But funnily enough not the print with the seashells on it! The other favourite was a Christmas one a few years back. Something Manor I think. I got it as a whole kit and loved the fabric so much, I saved every last scrap and bought some and made a wall quilt! C

rooruu said...

You're right, of course. It's the old Debbie Mumm trick, each range works with what you've got.

Seaside was a cousin of ParisFM, and yes, it was pretties - I used some in another project I've worked on these hols.

Mistletoe Manor? Remember that one. Hollywood and Vines was my fave of their Dark Christmas ones, Maison de Noel of the lighter aqua/lime/raspberry/white ones.

We are fabric tragics, aren't we???

Quiltycat said...

Aha! You helped me out. Maison de Noel - that's the project that I bought as a kit and then brought more of it to use up the scraps! Of course now I have more scraps from the extra yardage! Brain was in a total fog yesterday...had a BIG cortisone injection into a joint in my back and a nasty ole reaction to the cortisone.
Thanks for mentioning the fabric name. The quilts are in Melbourne and I am currently in Bris so I couldn't go and look at the scraps!
Will look forward to seeing what you did with Seaside. It's fun to talk fabric! C