Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sweet Baby

0807 Sweet Baby
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This very sweet baby, just two days old here, was born to friends just before the end of June. All well, all happy, all good. Her mama is a quilter, but has three quilts started - and none finished - for little Ms P. So although I'd said I wasn't giving the baby a quilt, not with her mother's plans... I did. Poor little munchkin can't be without a quilt, and her mama may well be rather too busy/tired to finish the other ones for a while.

The quilt was one I designed for Recycled Threads in Australian Country Threads, using vintage (well-washed) handkerchiefs. I named the design "Sweet Baby". Very appropriate.

All the luck and joy in the world to you, little Miss P.


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Baby is beautiful and so is the baby quilt. The hankies give it a lovely soft look and feel. I have got out a whole pile of hankies like those to do something similar.
I love using vintage doilie's, old lace, hankies etc in heritage quilts for my children.

Happy Dreams little Miss P.

Quiltycat said...

What a lovely gesture. I remember that project. It remains one of my favourites. Maybe cause I grew up in the era of everyone having cotton hankies. I did have a little collection but I think we somehow parted company in one of our many moves! C