Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Puzzled & gobsmacked

0807 Telstar puzzle
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Had a happy day up the mountains. If you've got kids, at Hazelbrook is worth a visit - science made fun! Lots of examples out to play with and try, including puzzles like this one. I got it to have in my office to amuse visitors (and don't I wish now, hours later, I could remember how to do it?!) (and I'll be upfront, I got them to show me how it works - and STILL can't get it separated!).

Very nice lunch at Loaves and the Dishes in Leura (bacon and egg pie and salad), another visit to the cupcake shop and also beestings from the cake shop half way along Katoomba St for later. Many interesting shops browsed in in both Katoomba and Leura and afternoon tea at Leura Gourmet.

We all shared a $22 cheese plate for AT, and were a tad gobsmacked to discover (as we glanced at the deli cabinet on the way out) that one of the cheeses was over $100/kilo and another over $60! It was a very nicely presented cheese plate, too - water crackers, sliced strawberries, sliced pear, walnuts in honey, raisins, and four cheeses: a Beaufort (the expensive-est), a washed rind soft cheese, a camemberty one and a blue. We ate it instead of photographing it, but will probably burgle the presentation for future use...

(Still can't untangle that wretched puzzle!)

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