Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 Word Stories: Would you just shut up?

Joe? JOEY? Why are your filthy soccer boots IN THE WASHING MACHINE?

I don’t care if Max said it was a great idea. Not on top of the load of clean towels, don’t you ever THINK??

AMY! Mrs Britches has another mouse. No, I’m busy in the laundry. She’s your cat, get rid of it NOW!

David? Honey? Are you still keeping an eye on dinner, I smell something burning…

All the things I have to say. No. All the things I
think I have to say.

What I want to say? Love you, my dear ones. Love you lots.

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Isabelle said...

Yes indeed.

Thanks for the YouTube embedding advice.

I've just read Kate Morton's "The Forgotten Garden", by the way, and it was ... well, I admired it, in that it was very complicated, and long, and I couldn't do it in a million years, especially with two small children and all, but it was rather nonsensish, I thought. I finished it just to see how it turned out, but it was FULL of unlikely coincidences.