Thursday, July 10, 2008

Box of cupcakes

0807 box of cupcakes
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In the parts of Sydney where I live and work, the cupcake phenomenon is slow to take off - the nelligant fancypants ones adorning US blogs and country magazines are harder to find here. Most cake shops have A Cupcake - sometimes with a kinda effort to decorate 'em a bit.

Well, mostly I make 'em when I want 'em (I have my version of Nigella cupcakes on this blog from a while ago).

But if you happen to be toddling up near enough as makes no difference to Katoomba, where Cupid's Cupcakes has their tiny shop, well...

You invest. These one are strawberry, double chocolate, orange, passionfruit. Closer to the US flights of fancy in presentation and taste.

But not too pretty to eat. Just not all at once.

They are scenting the kitchen all sugary-sweet, just sitting in their box.

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