Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3-Film Tuesday: Prince Caspian

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This was everything you'd expect it to be. After seeing the first film I did try to go back and reread the books, having enjoyed them so much as a child, but I found them heavy-handed and hard to enjoy again. So maybe I'll only be revisiting Narnia in fillums for now. (Although even in the films I keep wondering, within the context of the story, who's doing the catering, and washing of clothes and such for the kings and queens and characters, and doing such nice hairdos for the girls - you don't see this, and they always seem to have clean clothes, and in the last one there were always pretty tents up whenever they needed 'em. Maybe I'm getting old...! )

It was decently done, and perfectly satisfactory, and well done, and there you are. (I shouldn't be wondering what happens when the battle goes on and on and Susan never seems to have more than a dozen arrows although she's firing 'em off at a rate of knots).

I did enjoy this more than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which I saw a couple of weeks ago. That felt tired, and as though it was trying too hard. This had a freshness and energy; I don't think I'd bother seeing Indiana again, but I'll find time for the next Narnia film.

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