Saturday, July 05, 2008

Comments and a poll...

I've just gone through the comments tick tick tick and so there's a bunch of new ones on the blog now.  Thank you very much to each one of you that has taken the time and trouble to admire flowers, appreciate quilts, snicker at Ikea and chuckle at a bookshop cat and so forth and so on - I have enjoyed reading them. (I have comments set to moderation due to problems with spamming).

Normal, more frequent blogging should resume this week.  Hurray!

And given that this house is about to embark on a marathon viewing (well, on and off) of the 1970s TV series, The Professionals, I've added an incredibly serious (cough) poll to the sidebar.  Do vote, whether or not you're a commenter - the more votes, the more fun to see how the balance falls (I won't reveal my preference till it closes).  Even though it's not especially politically correct at times, and there's all that biffo and such, there's some lovely clever dialogue and acting and general smart aleckery in it.


Anonymous said...

NO, you can't make me choose. I loved them both. LOL

Erica Spinks said...

Oh, absolutely Ray Doyle. It's the scar on his face. And the hair. And the arms. And, and ... Don't get me started. Are the shows on DVD and is there room on your couch?