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Lifeline book fair loot

0807 Lifeline book fair loot
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I myself personally hadn't got to a Lifeline book fair before. This will need to change... I happened to be in the area for a quilt challenge revelation (wonderful inspiring quilts were shown) and stopped at this on the way home.

Not only a HUGE range of books, but much dross eliminated.  Among my selections:
  • The Shifting Fog: I'd been meaning to read Kate Morton's book for a while, an Australian author who's finding an international market.  This was retitled The House at Riverton in overseas markets, I believe
  • Third Book of Hundreds of Things a Girl Can Make: full of quirky ideas.  I'll probably blog some images separately...
  • The Superior Person's Little Book of Words: I already have this erudite and entertaining work, but will no doubt find an erudite and entertaining friend to give it to
  • City of Dreams: a novel about the early days of New York, by Beverley Swerling
  • The Conjuror's Bird: didn't know anything about this Martin Davies novel, but took a punt on it
  • How To Cook a Galah: celebrating Australia's culinary heritage by Laurel Evelyn Dyson.  Not that I intend cooking any galahs
  • The Colony: this was a reality show on SBS TV in which several families lived as they would have done in colonial times - I'm interested in the historical detail (as with the book above)
  • A couple of quilting magazines which include my work (always good to have a spare copy)
  • A Nursery Companion: Iona and Peter Opie's compilation of all sorts of nursery rhymes, complete with vintage colour pictures
  • Keeping Up with Keeping House: a practical guide for the Harried Housewife by the former White House Housekeeper.  What's not amusing about Mary Kaltman's work?  It's dated 1971 and is, with the brief browse I've done so far, a fascinating snapshot.
  • Open Your Eyes: 1000 ways to bring beauty into your home and life each day (for $3, I'm sure Alexandra Stoddart can tell me something I haven't thought of)
  • Lyn Le Grice's Art of Stencilling: her book The Stencilled House is a favourite stencilling source, although she goes far further than perhaps I would.  Still, beautiful designs and more and less subtle ways of using them.
  • The Family Home: relaxed, informal living for all ages.  I liked a number of the photos in this one.
Total investment for these: just under $50.  Thus, I shall be attending to the dates/locations of further Lifeline charity book fairs...  I also bought some kids' books, of which they had good ones and plenty too.  And the volunteer staffers were charming and helpful.

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