Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3-Film Tuesday: Mamma Mia!

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After working hard on a bunch of quilt projects, today was a chance to catch up on some films (Tuesday's the cheap day at the cinemas). I went to a big multiplex in a suburb that is assumed to have some taste and discernment, and thus had the film I most wanted to see.

This one is an utter meringue movie. Light and fluffy. Laugh-out-loud amusing in parts, and cringeworthy-embarrassing in others (no, Pierce Brosnan, you can't sing, and the cameraperson should have been kinder than giving you a closeup while you were (allegedly) singing). It all looked like they were having a lovely time on a perpetually sunny Greek island. Looking past the dialogue/actors/etc, there were some rather nice textiles - some great prints and a sampler or two on a wall.

If you go see it, sit through the credits to catch a couple of numbers done with verve and lycra... Margaret Pomeranz on the ABC review show At The Movies bagged the choreography, and I could see what she meant. Odd, if one is being kind.

It was fine, but I was glad to have only paid the cheapday price. Although to be fair, there was a spattering of applause at the end, so lots of the folks there found it a hoot.

As I said, a meringue movie.

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Quiltycat said...

Interesting views Ruth.
I loved the stage show but having trouble understanding how it would translate to film.
Think I might wait until it comes out on DVD! Dunno if I could sit through it as a movie. C