Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quiltlet: A for Adaminaby

Quiltlet: A for Adaminaby
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This is the first in a series of quiltlets I'm designing for Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine. This one's in Vol 17 no 1, just out in Australia.

It's being a lot of fun working in this smaller scale and trying new ideas. I'm currently working on G (such is the lead time of magazine projects and publishing) so it's good to see one in print as I toddle on through the alphabet and a welter of ideas.

I've played with various miniature quilt, doll quilt, small quilt ideas before, over the years, and have taken inspiration from lots of places - books, blogs, magazines, exhibitions, images. I'm not necessarily aiming for complicated (nope, not me) but I hope it will be a varied and interesting journey from Adaminaby to Z...(nope, not telling which Australian town will provide the Z name!).

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