Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tweed Valet Tray

0807 Tweed valet tray
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This is the second-last design in "Recycled Threads", a column I've been writing and designing for the last three years for Australian Country Threads magazine. This is in vol 8 no 8, so the final design and article will be in 8/9. The magazine publishers decided to redesign the magazine and vary its contents, and so "Recycled Threads" is going as part of those changes.

This is a valet tray (which I designed before knowing that's what they're called!) made from a vintage Harris tweed jacket - for a fellow to toss in his keys/wallet/loose change when emptying pockets at day's end. Very practical!

You'll find full instructions and article in the issue of the magazine referred to above - it's on sale now in Australia.


meggie said...

Ruth, such a shame this is being dropped. I have enjoyed this magazine as my favourite, & your words of wisdom have always been so interesting & well written. I trust you will still be contributing your lovely designs?
My discontinued subscription to the magazine has purely been economic, not design or interest!

rooruu said...

Thank you for your kind words, Meggie. I do plan to still offer them designs for general projects. And your subscription decision is the one many of us face as petrol and interest rates put pressure on discretionary spending...