Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some fabric blogs etc.

A couple of Australian online fabric shops that stock interesting modern fabrics and support Australian designers too:

They very likely do ship overseas, so if you're not in Oz, don't be put off.  I have no affils or brownpaperbag arrangements with any of them.  It's nice to encourage small businesses like these.

Changing the subject, Amy Butler's just released china tableware with Mikasa - view the range here , but it's not ezzackly dirt cheap at $US75 for a side plate or $79 for a single place setting (also, this house just invested in new china, which hasn't been blogged yet, although the sharp Shopping Sherpa  picked it from a vague hint I dropped a while back.).  Amy Butler's china, Vintage Botanica, looks to be based on her Belle range of fabrics.  That may reveal what a fabric tragic I am.  But perhaps you already guessed).

Images sourced from here. 



The Shopping Sherpa said...

I did? *looks flumoxed*

rooruu said...

You did. On 5 September in the comments here: With some precision...!

Mckenna said...

Oh!! That's wonderful design of Mikasa tableware sets!! I truly love this!!