Monday, September 22, 2008

Hot air balloon jigsaw

0809 hot air balloon jigsaw
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After the Simpsons jigsaw that lived in the tearoom at work, the next one onto the table was this, and we all enjoyed contributing to it over morning tea or lunch over several weeks. It is a nice way to switch your brain off-track and relax. Well, except when you CAN'T FIND THAT WRETCHED PIECE. Sorry. I forgot myself there.

Many op shops have jigsaws, and some have them checked/labelled. They're usually pretty cheap, too - a lot cheaper than buying new. You take the risk of a missing piece or two, but the price is right.

The next jigsaw (an op shop buy) is already opened, and we laughed when the lid was lifted. Somebody, somewhere, is till hunting for that set of reading glasses they lost...they were neatly folded on top of the puzzle pieces.

We've decided on a couple of jigsaw principles. One is, small boxes mean small pictures, and it can be harder to work out which piece goes where, with fine little detail. Another: yes, it is worth sorting out the pieces by general colour groups.

I wouldn't be keen to have a running jigsaw at home, but at work, as a shared enterprise like this, it's rather fun.


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