Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kiva: Karomat Roziqova

Kiva's just had a great policy change!  Now, as the working poor repay their loans, the lenders receive back their funds (rather than waiting till the end of the loan period).  I've had enough paid back from Tajikistan, Bolivia and Pakistan (link to my lender page on Kiva) to be able to lend again - turning the money around to work again for someone else.  This time, my fifth loan, is to Karomat Roziqova in Tajikistan.

Why her?  Another needlewoman, a tailor, using her craft skills to support her family.  This is what I learned from her Kiva page:
Karomat Roziqova is a resident of Rudaki district. She's married and has a child. She embroiders cloth. To ensure smooth operation of her business, she would like to take out a loan to purchase beads and threads. She plans to repay the loan within 15 months. Her business brings in a decent income and so she is trying in any way possible to develop it.
There's a Kiva link over in the sidebar - why not click on that and see if you'd like to participate too?  Minimum loan is $US25, so it's not much, and it's a loan, so you can turn the money around and around again to help, as I've been able to do with this loan.  Microfinance is such a satisfying game to play! (In case you wonder, when it is paid back you can withdraw it if you wish - I prefer to keep playing).

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