Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Quilt fabric catalogue

0809 quilt fabric catalogue
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These catalogues are utterly evil, they are. Much worse than browsing the website - technology's all very well, but it isn't the same as a double page spread of quilting fabrics all calling your name... You can track ideas (hmmm, green fabrics) across ranges and pages, see at a single glance what options are available (fat quarters? charm squares) etc. Back copies also become intriguing snapshots of fashion and trends in quilt fabrics - what's available now is just amazingly more than even a decade ago, in styles as well as volume.

(You can request a catalogue on their website http://hancocks-paducah.com/).


Anonymous said...

Absolute best loo reading, LOL! The latest issue arrived the mkorning I went into hospital, so I've only just glanced through it... I've been enchanted reading SOMETHING ELSE WONDERFUL (*wink* thanks you, proper thank you on way!)

Isabelle said...

Ah, yes. I don't quilt (yet, but some day, some day) but I can see the temptation.