Tuesday, August 26, 2008


0808 jonquils
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(I keep typing jonquilts, my fingers know that quil- word so well they can't help themselves!)

Sign of spring. So cheerful! And their scent is a favourite.



Isabelle said...

Oh, oh, it's lovely for you to have nearly-spring, but this does suggest that we're about to have nearly-autumn. Alas.

I've just bought the Guernsey book on your recommendation but mustn't read it before I read my book club book. Self-discipline, that's the thing.

rooruu said...

But Isabelle, autumn is a lovely time! (oh, it precedes an Edinburgh winter. I know. But still there's lots to like...).

Gee whiz, I do hope you like the Guernsey book - do let me know!