Wednesday, January 24, 2007


0701 frangipani
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One of the wonders of summer here, the scent and beauty of frangipani. Love the way the tight buds twirl out into fully-open flowers.

Yup, it's cooled down a bit so I'm more amiably inclined towards the season. Last night we had a thunderstorm, and a reasonable amount of rain to accompany it, and today is distinctly cooler.


Carmel said...

Could you send some of that rain to SE Qld?
Tantalising clouds come over but nothing ever falls.
Has become hotter here this week.
Where are the afternoon thunderstorms that I remember from my youth of growing up here?

Di said...

Love, Love, Love frangipani's. I can still remember as a child, making necklaces out of the flowers every summer at our beach house. Thanks for reminding me.

Rachel Saunders said...

Came across your blog by chance and couldn't help but comment on the frangpani's...I was brought up in thailand and they were everywhere and always evoke beautiful memories of my childhood.
thanks for reminding me