Monday, January 22, 2007

A little red stitching project

0701 stitchery
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The red came from an op shop shirt - but like me, this project must dislike being photographed, as all it's showing you is the back... (well, except for one peeker). The issue in which this project is to be published won't be out for another couple of months, but it's a Recycled Threads project that's fun and easy....and red, a glorious happy colour and one of my favourites. It's going off to the magazine to be photographed, and I'm sure they'll show the front...!

I also rather like that the back isn't perfect, and nor does it have to be. Yah boo sucks to the Stitchery Perfection Police! Front's good, back's fine, project made me happy to play and devise. What more could you ask?

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Megan said...

Yeah, ya boo sucks. I love the fabric here - the little pin stripe is lovely.