Monday, January 29, 2007


0701 verandah, Vaucluse House
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No more sitting on verandahs in the sunshine, back at work today.

This verandah is at Vaucluse House museum in Sydney. What a contrast, this spacious beautiful space for just sitting, and Susannah Place where everything was tucked into tiny modest spaces. Guess which place housed them as had serious money...

And yet it was really good on Australia Day to visit both, to see the different places people inhabited and different ways they lived. Love social history like this.


Di said...

Sounds like you had a great Australia Day. I also find it really interesting to see how people lived in times gone past - the lifestyle they had..sometimes in hardship but sometimes in luxury that we just don't see today. The renovation on the bus is admirable.

Isabelle said...

Gosh, that was really interesting. I've just clicked on your links about the houses. I shall probably never get to visit Australia, but it's so wonderful to learn bits about it (and other places) from blogs.

Still loving your pictures.

Helen said...


I have just joined the SCQuilters web ring and I am doing the rounds to introduce myself, but I already subscribe to your blog!! So hello again. I left a comment yesterday on the concrete tubs.