Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tangerine op shop mosaic

0701 Tangerine op shop mosaic
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
One Flickr group I've particularly enjoyed over the last six months is A Year of Color. Amy/happythings' utterly simple idea was to provide a colour for each week from what must be the most enormous box. This week's colour is tangerine. I hadn't planned, while visiting the op shop, to start hunting tangerine - but somehow the game began and this mosaic is the result. Books, clothes, records, furnishings, homewares, toys, it was to be found everywhere!

This photograph isn't going to change the world. But it was a good game to play, a challenge like having to make a quilt from one set of fabrics and nothing else. Setting boundaries can, paradoxically, be so good for opening your eyes to new possibilities.

I didn't buy any of these tangerine things, but I wonder if I should have invested in the vase...


meggie said...

I did a round of some Op Shops yesterday, too.
Didnt think to notice a colour!
I was surprised at how expensive some of the items were, & overheard a mother & daughter exclaiming that some of the items were dearer than new!

I did get some Fat Quarters for 50c each, so didnt grumble about that!

Lynelle said...

I know you only left the vase bacause you heard me screaming in your ear, put it back....walk away... What I really want to know is what DID you buy (hehehe)?

rooruu said...

@meggie: yes, some things aren't so cheap any more, but there are still bargains!
@lynelle: was that the noise in my ear????? I bought some threads to recycle.... ;-)