Sunday, January 21, 2007

New sunnies

0701 new sunnies
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Still waiting on the other glasses, but these are the new improved sunglasses - and I did notice a difference between old and new (old lenses were about four or five years old, so that's hardly suprising). So far, they fit, they work and that's good.

Hot again today. The withered fern expresses it - another 40degree day, hard to get anything done or think straight or do much but wish it was even ten degrees cooler.

It's not cooling down much at night, either. You find yourself in a strange reversal, drawing the curtains closed during the day in the hope of keeping some of the heat out, then drawing them back at night in the hope that the heat that still got in and made the house feel like an oven will make its way out through the glass.... See, it's all about hope (I hope April comes soon, past the heat and humidity of January and February and often enough, March). Is that wishing your life away?

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meggie said...

Well, if it is wishing your life away, I am right there with you!