Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Year in Pictures

Summing up 2007:

2007 mosaic, 3 pix per month

three photos per month.
Roses, Vaucluse House and a quilt made from orphan blocks from many of my projects.
Books (particularly The Time Traveler's Wife), mad matador fabric and wonderful vegetables to photograph.
Martian starfruits, Robin McKinley's Sunshine and one of my favourite performers on stage.
Casino Royale, a scrapbooking chipboard album made for a grieving friend and stitching done on Anzac Day.
Finally putting photos of my quilts into albums to document them, making sweetly pretty cupcakes and a charming jug.
Red Nose Day, my challenge quilt comes home, a blue evening sky.
The inspirational Choir of Hard Knocks, stairs at Watsons Bay from a happy day with friends and the final Harry Potter book.
Daffodils and jonquils, fragrant strawberries and a quirky op shop shirt (that will go into a quilt).
The six Ken boys, my hair done up for a (rare) formal occasion and a healthy breakfast in a pretty aqua bowl.
Sewing room being revamped, cherry blossom in a family garden and another challenge quilt, this one including family initials and other embroidery.
Shabby chic vintage-style Christmas decorations, a heart cushion on one of my quilts and the lighted cupboard for my green glass.
Nestling, Double Delight roses in Cowra and a Christmas snowman (I gave two of these to old, dear friends, so we will each bring him out for Christmas).
It's not so easy to sum the year in so few photographs. Allsorts managed it in just twelve (thanks for the inspiration!), but I needed thirty-six (the maximum I could fit in a mosaic).
I wonder how 2008 will look?

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