Thursday, January 24, 2008

London park, winter

London park, winter
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When your winter is a Sydney winter, you just don't get the same change of landscape palette as you do in colder places - the monochrome of fog and snow and frost and bare trees. When it's not your usual experience, it has a freshness and novelty as a different way of seeing. I'm sure this path would look quite different in summer.

I saw the new film of "Sweeney Todd" today (my first experience of that particular musical, and a good film, if a triffffle enthusiastic with the red) and it has a Tim Burton monochrome palette - except for the flowing red. As one review I read noted, Tim Burton's monochrome palette is rich - not at all simplistic black, grey, white, but shades and tones of bruise and stone and more.

Those who lived there then could not understand why I took or kept this photo. Years on, I remember, and it's good to revisit it. Mind you, when you went from a London January to a Sydney January, it felt as though someone had turned the lights on.

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Isabelle said...

That's a lovely photo. But you wouldn't want a photo of Edinburgh today, I tell you: rain, wind, gloom, piles of dead leaves flying around... January is not my favourite month.