Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet Moriya Nabieva

Inspired by this entry on Sarah London's blog, I'm now involved as a textile entrepreneur in Takjikistan (just north of Afghanistan). No, that picture's not me, it's Moriya. Although I wish I could go look at the fabrics myself.
Moriya Nabieva, 48, is married and has 3 children. For 14 years, she has been selling traditional fabrics for Tajik national clothing. Moriya has a sales spot at “Tidzhorat” market in Yavan. Moriya plans to use this loan to purchase a few new types of fabric for women. The new fabrics are very popular among the local women. Moriya plans to repay this loan within 10 months.
I now have an account with Kiva, and you can get involved in microcredit to the working poor too, from as little as $US25.
Moriya needs $1000. As of right now, she still needs $650 of that in 28 days. If, like me, you're a fabriholic, maybe this is a rather fun way to enhance your stash (without needing any storage space). (But if you'd rather help buy a cow or a motorbike or facilitate all sorts of other businesses, then go and browse and choose what suits you).
Here's the link to the page on about Moriya. Can you lend her some more? If you do, please leave a comment, it would be good to know you're a part of this too.
And here's the excellent part: when it's paid back, you can recycle the funds into another project.
Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah.

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Sarah said...

Hi Ruth! making a difference to another's life is a grand thing indeed!!